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Natalie Roberts

Natalie is a doctor and has always wanted to join MSF. After nine years of practice, including in the emergency department in Bristol, she joined MSF in 2012. She has been involved in different missions in the Philippines, Yemen, Syria, CAR, Ethiopia and Ukraine. With the help of the MSF Foundation, she completed a master's degree in violence, conflict and development in London before joining the emergency department at MSF headquarters in Paris. She is now director of studies at the CRASH. 

Treatment of COVID-19 patients in a sports centre in Mexico.
Blog post

Covid-19 Reading List - Part 4

After a few months of respite the coronavirus epidemic has resumed its spread. With the second wave becoming a reality in many European countries, the Crash team decided to share some recent reading on the biomedical, political and social aspects of the pandemic in an attempt to shed some light on this tragic Season 2. As in previous editions, some articles are in English and some in French, and they are taken from both mainstream and specialist sources.